Male/Male Erotic Romance

Midnight Passion

Series: City Shifters (Chicago) #1

A contemporary erotic romance  Purchase ebook here.

male – male, paranormal, shapeshifter, urban fantasy


Dr. Ryan Collen detests being a vampire although there is hope on the horizon in the form of a monthly infusion. Not only does Ryan hunger for the light of day, but the touch of a man who might save him from his demons.

Eric Beck is a shapeshifting recovery agent by day and Muay Thai kickboxer by night. While assisting at the aftermath of a vampire convention attack, he meets his old high school flame Ryan who ignites a craving inside him like he’s never known. Can Eric help crush the evil that threatens to destroy many lives and lose his heart at the same time?

Black Moon Rising

Series: City Shifters (Chicago) #0

A contemporary erotic romance     Purchase ebook here

male – male, paranormal, shapeshifter, urban fantasy


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Steve Beck enjoys his day job as a shapeshifting recovery agent searching for fugitives in Chicago, but his personal life is a mess. Nightmares of his father’s death and fantasies of a lost love torment him.

A twist of fate brings Herman Fleming back into his life. But the handsome, muscular firefighter is a fugitive wanted for murder and needs Steve’s help. Once the Merlotti wolves crime family get a sniff of Herman, the situation becomes desperate. Can Steve save the only man he’s ever loved before it’s too late?

Male/Female Erotic Romance


Passion’s Moon

A paranormal erotic romance  Purchase ebook here

male – female, paranormal, shapeshifter

shutterstock_89751274Dr. Joseph Wolf runs a healthcare clinic as well as being the alpha for Moon Valley Werewolf Pack. It’s a good life, but something is missing. Love. Once he meets his new human medical associate, Dr. Melanie Silverstone, neither of them can deny the strength of their feelings.

But a rogue werewolf has come to town to stake a claim on the pack and confrontation is at hand. Can their lives be destroyed at the same time their passion is ignited?


Ice Cream Man


A contemporary erotic romance Purchase ebook here

male – female, African-American, interracial

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Janice Freeman is an African-American women’s fashion designer in East Village, Manhattan who is in misery at turning forty. Hearing music float across the air from the ice cream man’s truck, she hopes that ice cream will make her feel better. But the moment she sees him, she knows that ice cream isn’t going to be the highlight of her day. It is going to be the sexy ice cream man.

Antonio Rodriguez is not only a six-foot tall hunk, he is an out-of-work, twenty-seven-year old actor barely making ends meet. When he meets the curvy Janice, he finds that they have a lot more in common besides the love of ice cream. Can an ice cream man’s flavors be guaranteed to satisfy?

Ice Cream Man excerpt


Edinburgh Magic

A contemporary erotic romance  Purchase ebook here

male – female, paranormal, menage a trois with f/m/m


Available at eXtasy Books as an ebook in multiple formats and at numerous other booksellers.

Psychologist Dylan Murphy is visiting Edinburgh for the Beltane (May Day) festival and looking for whatever entertainment he can find. When he unexpectedly meets his former lover Lauryn Campbell, a good witch from Dublin, he is shocked when she tells him they have been brought together to save the May Queen from a potential killer. What they didn’t count on was the great impact of past heartbreak and present sexual attraction as they strive to avert an Edinburgh catastrophe.

Edinburgh Magic excerpt


Rock of Ages

A contemporary erotic romance                 Purchase ebook here

male – female, mild BDSM


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When Lisa learns her old boyfriend is going to be at their high school reunion, she sees it as a chance to come clean about the reason they broke up so many years ago. She didn’t count on the chemistry between them being as hot as ever.

Gerry is a cop on a mission with the DEA. But it is still his high school reunion and Lisa will be attending. When the fiery redhead becomes a force to reckon with, he’s not sure how to handle her.

At their emotionally charged reunion, can they put the past behind them and rekindle a romance? Will the old flames reignite to change their destiny or could the long-hidden secret tear them apart once again.

The answer lies in the music box.

Rock of Ages excerpt

Too Hot

A contemporary erotic romance                  Purchase ebook here

male – female
TooHot72dpilg Top Pick NOR

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The moment certified personal trainer Courtney Robinson laid her eyes on fireman Ryan Cornell she was hooked. The muscular and handsome fireman must be starting more fires than he was putting out. Ryan was certainly the first man she had lustful thoughts for since her heartbreaking divorce one year ago.

When Ryan requested her Monday Moaning gym class, the fiery blonde jumped at the chance. Who would have known that their passion would ignite a flame that rocked them both to the core?

Too Hot excerpt

Love on the Prowl

A contemporary romance and thriller              Purchase ebook here

male – female, paranormal


***This is not an erotic romance with explicit sex. It does have sexy love scenes.

Available at Devine Destinies Top Pick NORas an ebook in multiple formats.

Also available on Amazon, All Romance eBooks, OmniLit and at numerous other booksellers.

When Dr. Ariel Summers starts her dream job in the newly elected Mayor of New York City’s administration, she has no plans to fall for anyone. But the lust-filled banter and intense physical attraction she has with the Mayor’s security expert, wereleopard Nicholas Savage, doesn’t make things easy.

Not all citizens are embracing the Mayor’s agenda for paranormals being out in society and threats are being made. Clues to the identity of their enemies start unraveling once Ariel and Nick stumble upon angry clowns calling themselves the Carnival of Sins. By the time they realize the Mayor is not the only one in need of protection, it might be too late for love.

Love on the Prowl excerpt

The Banger Sisters Do London

Contemporary erotica                     Purchase e-book here

male – female, menage a trois with m/f/m, mild BDSM, cougar


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Holly and Kim Banger are sisters who have taken different paths in life. Holly is a single accountant with an enviable, but stressful career in Chicago, Illinois. Kim is a mother and medical assistant who lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and has recently gone through a divorce. The sisters are close, but don’t get to see each other very often. When it’s time to celebrate Kim turning forty, the women decide on an adventure to London.

But they only have three days.

While romping with rock stars, royalty and younger men, the women are amazed to find each man to be a hero in his own right. During their three whirlwind days and nights of pleasure, they also discover that changes are desperately needed in their lives.

The Banger Sisters Do London excerpt

Rock Me

A contemporary erotic romance.

male – female

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Jenny Page is a Midwestern nurse who has always had trouble with men. When her favorite British rock star fantasy man becomes her patient, Jenny knows she’s in for trouble. The sexual attraction she has for him becomes difficult to deal with when he’s right in front of her and a willing participant. Should she give in to the inferno burning between them and let herself go?

Ian McAllister has been the lead singer in a famous British band for many years. Women have thrown themselves at him in every city on earth and he was more than happy to take what they offered. But he has grown tired of having casual sex with women he didn’t know. He was ready for something real. After Ian admits harboring a nurse fantasy to his sexy nurse Jenny, the sparks begin to fly. A relationship with someone like Jenny could be just what the doctor ordered.

Rock Me excerpt